Main Street Farmer

Curbside Pickup

Our Team is greatly heartened and humbled by the all of the recent outreach; phone calls, voice messages, emails and facebook posts of love and support from our community, guests and supporters inquiring about the availability of our menu and our future.

It is because of this that our Team has met and discussed a plan to move forward in a proactive manner in an attempt to continue to employee members of our Team, provide a service to our community whilst living in the present and preparing for a new future.

We hope that we have created an available menu for you and your families. We will be adapting daily.

We ask for your patience as we learn!

Please review our menu closely and our CURBSIDE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS.

For the Whole Family

Don't miss our FOR - THE - WHOLE - FAMILY menu options and our section on FREE DINNER for children under the age of 12 years co-sponsored with US FOODS.

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Facebook has algorithms that blocks exposure of posts to our 10,000 followers in an effort to encourage paid advertising 'boost' spending. Please help support Main Street Farmer and its Team by sharing our message to all your family and friends!

Please direct any questions to our email address at

Peace. Faith. Love. Community.
Main Street Farmer Team

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